Pacific Dental Conference – trying to make embedding work..

8 Mar

Yesterday and today I spent a lot of time attending the PDC.

Check out the video attached to this site, included is a short history .

Lots of information at the exhibits. I also met many of my colleagues.

With so much activity, it was nice to leave the umbrella in the car!

With this posting I am attempting to embed the site and you will be able to see it right on this page.


Podcast..good review..

7 Mar

I have come across a number  of podcasts produced by Rock Valley College.

Visual is better, especially for reviews.

Oral Hygiene Care

7 Mar

Quite a comprehensive wikki,

Just for when I forget these things!, I will post this in my blog for my reference!

And for when someone who has stumbled into this blog….enjoy

This wikki space was developed for the Raquel Dental Hygiene Program,

Interesting interactive program for students, explains everything.


An itty bitty Dental Assistant..

6 Mar

CDA Week

6 Mar

I was graciously greeted at the door of where I work with a “It’s CDA week”.

Certified Dental Assistant week.

I work with 6 of them and they are always good to me. They help me out when I need an extra hand : they make sure I clean up after myself,… real teamwork..

To all the CDA’s out there! Thank you Ladies!!!

Have a happy week!!!

check out your website for other activities

511 × 383 –

Web tools

5 Mar

Wow look at all these web2.0 tools! amazing, and new ones out all the time!

Notability looks effective:

and it does cost a bit – $1.99

Power point presentations

5 Mar

tips for a good and powerful power point presentation.

To enhance the PP’s a little, add the Prezi solution:

Media and teaching

5 Mar

I truly believe that as instructors must change with technology and encourage learners to learn. They are the internet generation, and they want to use it. Technology has rushed by and has left me in the dust, and if I open my mind and learn with my learners, we will both learn how to master social media.. Life-long learning?

The student social-mediaist,  a new word?

5 Mar

Part of was in my chair today

Wow, what an interesting conversation!

TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design”

These are the things that are changing our world today and Ted offers discussions on many subjects.

They will be here in Vancouver next year, check out the website for tickets, and other information

It is a 3-4 day tour with many discussions as well as other activities. Sounds very interesting for the inquisitive mind. the applications are on the website..

Cheers, enjoy!

Changing Education Paradigms.

3 Mar

This presentation fascinated me I want to share it on my blog, it is noteworthy of mentioning it again. I really liked the drawings and the illustrations that accompanied the verbage.

This presentation discusses the evolution in eduction. Where it came from, and where it is leading, because it will  not stop..

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